Aqua Pro Trenching


Gazzola Farms

Design installation and commissioning of Gazzola Farms fixed sprinkler system at their Rosebud farm. 75 acres of sprays and associated mains works as well as tapping the system into an existing mainline. The installation of extensive surface drainage and concrete pits including the installation of 600mm diameter stormpro pipe and cast in place pits.


Hussey and Co.

Design installation and commissioning of 70 acres of fixed sprinklers for Hussey and Co. at Pearcedale. Installed in ground conditions that at times were challenging, the entire system including mains, laterals, and a Netafim digital control system, both installed and commissioned in less than 6 weeks.


Covino Farms

The installation of 12 kilometres of 300mm PVC pipe and fittings between farms included all trenching and installation of valves and manifolds at strategic locations throughout the pipeline. The job also entailed the excavation under many other pipelines and assets, including major roads and optical fibres.


Favero Farms

The installation of over 150 acres of fixed sprinklers for Favero Farms in Pearcedale included laterals, mains and a pump shed fitout consisting of extensive stainless steel piping and filtration.


Hussey and Co. Newry

The installation of over 200 acres of fixed sprinklers for Hussey and Co. in Newry Victoria. This included the installation of over 120Km of lateral lines many KMs of submain and extensive main lines from 150mm all the way up to 375mm PVC. Fabricated stainless steel manifolds on the pump set and the build and fit out of a large pump shed and poly suction lines of 350mm diameter into a lined dam.


K & S Savage

The installation of over 35 acres of fixed sprinklers for K & S Savage in Newry Victoria. Involving the crossing of a large lagoon via a submerged poly pipe main 200mm in diameter and the extensive use of 8mm hydraulic tube to an automatic control system located at the pump shed.